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Too much in your head? Check out Access Bars!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

In this article, I would like to introduce Access Bars. Access Bars is part of Access Consciousness. In 2014, one of my friends, Carina, an Access Consciousness Facilitator, offered me a free session. I took the offer because I am open to energy work. I genuinely believe that there are many unknown things beyond our five senses.

One day, she came to my flat and gave me Access Bars. I felt super-relaxed afterward. She told me to take it easy and allow my body to rest. However, what happened after that was truly remarkable. The next day, I woke up with a sense of euphoria. I felt really happy. I wanted to hug everyone and tell them it was going to be OK.

I knew that it was not the best idea to hug random people, so I decided to touch/hug a tree instead. It was then that I started feeling a sensation in my hands. Some trees made me want to cry, and some trees made me happy. Some trees emitted a lot of heat.

I talked to my friend about it. They recommended that I learn energy work like Reiki. But I thought that learning Reiki did not make sense, as I started to receive this sensation from Access Bars. I then asked Carina, who was in Cambodia, to come to Hong Kong to teach me Access Bars, which she did.

After the class, we decided to have a practice session every two weeks. I had some issues in my office at that time, which made me paranoid. I knew it did not make sense, but I could not help it. I did not get to the euphoric state after the class, but after the second practice, I realised that I had stopped being paranoid about work. I was so happy that the ugly feelings were gone.

And after one year of regular practice, I no longer require my glasses. My eyes were so bad that I could not read the ATM slip. But I do not have that problem anymore. This makes me super-happy.

Giving my son Access Bars

Since then, Access Bars has become part of my daily first aid kit. I gave bars to my family whenever I can.

My son, who was about 13 years old at that time, had problems academically. He was bullied at school as well, which made him unhappy. I offered him Bars, and he was willing to accept them. During a session, he asked me, “Mommy, this is like cleaning your room, right?” A lot of emotion came up that he had tried to suppress. He had to take a break so that he could quickly release his emotion by screaming. However, after that one session, I noticed his marks at school were improving. In one year, I gave him only three sessions; from being a person who got bullied at school, he became the president of the Chinese debate team and managed to enter a physic stream.

Who changed?

My mom and my sister fight a lot. One day, when I was holidaying in Indonesia, I gave Access Bars to my sister and my mom. After I returned to Hong Kong, I asked my sister, “How is your relationship with Mom?” She said that our mom had changed and become more patient with her.

During a conversation with my mom, I asked her how my sister was after her session. My mom said that my sister was better and did not upset her that much. When I told her that my sister thought that my mom had become more patient, my mom said, “Well, she changed, so I don’t have any reason to yell at her.” I do not know who changed first. However, for some reason, their relationship has changed.

During this pandemic, I am very grateful to have this knowledge, as it means that I do not need to buy into the dramas and trauma of the pandemic. I just get on with life with ease.

Therefore, if you are feeling too much in your head, check out Access Bars.


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