Living in Lohas Park: A Diverse Place to Live.

Last May 2020, I moved to Lohas Park. Lohas Park is the fastest growing satellite city in Hong Kong. Lohas Park has 50 apartment towers, a shopping mall, and over 58,000 residents. Lohas Park is also roughly a 45-60 minute commute to the Hong Kong Island CBD. Each work day, I trek one hour to the office - living in Lohas Park is worth the commute. :)

I love living here in Lohas Park. Here's why:

1. The Greenery and the Sea

Lohas Park is hugged by greenery. On one side of Lohas Park, there are lush hills with hidden hiking trails. And on the other side, there is the calming waters of Junk Bay. With the hill on one side and sea on the other, it is not difficult to find a residential flat with good views. I'm blessed in that my apartment has both views, from my windows I can see the out stretch of lush green hills and the glistening nearby bay. The scenic environment is soothing to the eyes and hearts of residents here.

2. Location Location Location

Lohas Park is very close to several country parks. I can take a 10 minute stroll and find myself in a waterfall. And a 10 minute drive is all it takes to reach a country park. In fact, the Sai Kung district has 5 country parks and 1 geo park. There are lots of hiking or walking trails and beaches around. There is also a waterfront promenade behind Lohas Park station that I can walk along that would bring me to Tseung Kwan O. There, I often have an afternoon tea while enjoying the view of Junk Bay.

3. Multi-Ethic Cosmopolitan Community.

Lohas Park is home to a mosaic of different nationalities and ethnicities. On my way to work, I can easily overhear a conversation in Hindi, Tagalog, French and many other European languages. The diversity here is refreshing. Lohas Park has residents from India, Europe, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc.

As an Indonesian, the diversity here makes me feel at ease because I feel that I do not have to go the extra mile to assert myself to be treated equally.

4. Our Supermarket at the LOHAS

Lohas Park's Supermarket is Fresh Supermarket. Fresh Supermarket sells a good variety of Indonesian, Thai and Indian spices and condiments.

When I first browsed the grocery aisle, I was grateful to see the range of international food products available. I appreciate this because Fresh Supermarket considers the needs of the people living in the area instead of selling popular hot-items only.

You may wonder why an international range of food products is significant?

It is very rare to find Indonesian food products/groceries in a major supermarket. Usually, Indonesian ingredients are sold in wet supermarkets or in smaller Indonesian food stores.

Fresh Supermarket's to provide a broader range of cultural food products e.g. Indonesian and Indian spices is highly appreciated. The willingness to provide Indonesian (or Indian) spices without consideration of the volume of buyers or their socio-economic status is highly appreciated. I am sure other ethnic minorities share the same sentiment.

So for all these reasons, I happily can say that I feel truly at home in Lohas Park. If you are looking for places to live in Hong Kong, I invite you to consider Lohas Park.

All the best!

Devi & Stacy

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