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Kumi Masunaga – Living Embodiment of Infectious Enthusiasm

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Kumi is Drum-Jam Founder, performing percussionist, REMO artist, Village Music Circles global trainer, HealthRhythms® trained facilitator, UCLArts & Healing certified Music Medicine facilitator, and Rhythm2Recovery trained facilitator.

I met Kumi more than 10 years ago through Drum Jam. I found her fascinating because she is one of a kind in Hong Kong. Her Drum Jam brings a certain nuance to Hong Kong beyond the usual drinking crowd. I attended her Drum Jam almost every month, and I found her gathering to be soulful. It brings together people from different backgrounds, and it's beautiful. I love the opportunity to dance along to my heartbeat, which is enhanced by the drum's sound. I can honestly agree with what the South China Morning Post said about Kumi: “Kumi Masunaga is the living embodiment of infectious enthusiasm.”

So, check out her Hong Kong video story.

If you like to know more about Kumi Masunaga and her Drum Jam, please visit www.drum-jam.com

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