Shiela Cancino: Genuine Giving Leads to Abundant Blessings

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I'm a Chess Olympiad player representing the Bermuda Team and also a Chess Coach here in Hong Kong.

Today, I'll share with you the three secrets that have helped my business.

Secrets that may help you too.

For 12 years, I was in Financial Services, where I could earn a lot and help my family and community.I took a break early this year, then covid19 hit.

In June, after my quarantine in Hong Kong, I decided to pursue life coaching, even though I'm not sure how I could earn to pay for my food, rent, and membership fees.

Like a pawn in chess, I felt so small. I questioned myself if I had made the right decision. Doubts would creep in, and I want to give up coaching. Like we say in chess, I want to resign.

I would hear the voice of my chess coach in my head. "Shiela, the game has just started. It's not finished yet."

Secret #1

Keep playing. Don't resign. Finish the game.

To promote my coaching service, I started thinking of strategies. I organized a series of virtual learning sessions.

Ana, one of the participants, sent me a message after attending the first session, "Shiela, you're a blessing in disguise. I need a life coach."

I thought, "Wow! This is an opportunity to sell my coaching package."

Ana is a Filipino scholar studying in China. I thought of the students I help in the Philippines. So instead of offering my coaching package right away, I said, "Keep attending. We still have a few sessions to go."

Then, one day I saw her post on Facebook. And reading it made me feel that she needs help.

And so, I gave her a few free 1:1 coaching sessions. One of our sessions was priceless. She wasn't sure if she would pursue volunteering after her graduate study or continue helping her family through a Financial Services career.

As she found the answer, she started crying. She thanked me for being the instrument. But I thanked her instead. Helping her reach a decision reminded me why I am in this game. I wanted to help others, not financially this time, but emotionally.

And, that is why I started coaching.

Secret #2

Know why you are in the game, and keep reminding yourself of this why.

How many friends do you have on Social Media? I have thousands.I would use my friend's walls to greet them on special occasions. I wouldn't bother to send them a direct message as I know it will take time.

Recently, one of my friends was hospitalized due to covid19. She was in critical condition. I sent her consoling messages only via group chats. Fortunately, she survived, and what she shared struck me."I survived because of the direct messages that kept me hopeful day after day."

It made me think - I may have other friends that are suffering. And, my direct messages can save them.

Following her advice, I connected with my classmate in coaching without any hidden agenda. I still can't believe it. Our chat led me to a business opportunity!

I realized more the power of connecting 1:1.

Just like in chess, all the pieces work together to create a path so that the pawn can move forward and reach the other side, Similarly, when we connect with others selflessly, we may get opportunities that lead us to our goal.

Secret #3

Connect 1:1. Help others selflessly, and others may help you too.

In summary.

In life, you may experience low moments, and sometimes you may feel small like a pawn.

You can choose to be "giving" like the pawn, who is ready to sacrifice for the King and other pieces, it receives support as well, and once it reaches the other side of the board, the same pawn will transform into a Queen.

So, when you stay in the game, true to your purpose, and help others selflessly, you too will receive abundant blessings.


Shiela Cancino, DTM, ICF Associate Certified Coach

Asian Women Confidence Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author of Pawn to Queen: Life's Chess and Quest

Shiela Cancino is the founder of The Treasures Finder Limited, a professional training and coaching company in Hong Kong. She helps her clients advance their careers through confidence-building workshops and confidence coaching. She is a graduate of International Coach Academy and a member of the International Coaching Federation, European Mentoring & Coaching Council, and the Hong Kong International Coaching Community.

She is originally from the Philippines and lived in other cities: Bermuda, Cincinnati, Ohio, Bangalore, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong. She earned her degree in B.S. Accountancy from Colegio de San Juan de Letran in the Philippines. She is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant.

Other than playing chess, reading, and book writing, she also loves public speaking. With her "Chess Pawn" speech, she was awarded as the Champion of the JCI World Public Speaking Championship (Hong Kong Selection) 2018 and 1st Runner Up in Toastmasters Division K International Speech Contest in April 2018. She has completed professional speaking programs and a member of Toastmasters International and Asia Professional Speaking Singapore.

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