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Organising An Office Christmas Party In A Diverse Working Environment

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Christmas is just around the corner. Many companies are planning Christmas dinners or celebrations. In a homogeneous work environment, where we know that everyone is celebrating Christmas, organising an office Christmas party is quite straightforward.

However, in a diverse workplace, some consideration needs to be made in arranging an office Christmas party. Otherwise, you might be considered culturally insensitive, as not all people celebrate Christmas. Some of your colleagues might feel left out. Further, some people might have different dietary needs.

So, how do we get around this? You can still organise a Christmas party. However, perhaps you could also organise different holiday celebrations to ensure that no one feels they are less important. You can also use this as a learning opportunity for your team by asking your colleague to tell the story about the origin of the holiday, the costumes, etc. Or perhaps you can create a quiz about it. This way, everyone can be engaged in these festive celebrations.

If this is not possible, perhaps you can create an end-of-year office party so that the celebration is more inclusive. However, be sure to order food which caters to different dietary needs. Further, make sure each food item is clearly labelled so that, for example, people who do not eat beef can avoid eating it by mistake.

With these considerations in mind, I am sure that everyone will enjoy the party and feel included and appreciated. This will boost their sense of belongingness in your organisation.

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