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Looking For A Complimentary Therapy? Check Biotherapy!

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

My father died of pancreatic cancer; my great aunt also died of cancer. My mom always worried that my sibling and I would get it. Therefore, she never failed to remind me to get my yearly check-up. Because of this, I grew up with the thought looming in my head that one day I might get cancer too.

Luckily, in the past few years, I came across two forms of energy work, which gave me peace of mind. It makes me feel that I have enough resources to address any health issues—resources that can work together with Western medicine. In this first instalment, I would like to introduce Biotherapy. I received Biotherapy treatment for my knee pain a long time ago, and it works for me. I also took Module A on Biotherapy. It was comforting to know that there are treatments for different types of diseases, including cancer. Here is something that I gathered from the website of Biotherapy Asia.

What is Biotherapy?*

Biotherapy is complementary and supplementary to all other medical and complementary therapies. It is a powerful, non-invasive, and simple treatment with a beneficial effect regardless of age or condition.

The basis of Biotherapy is immune system stimulation and modulation with a human bioenergy generated bioelectromagnetic field. A bioelectromagnetic field is a product of the bioelectricity (action potentials) and ion fluxes (chemiosmosis) on the membrane of the cell. Bioelectricity refers to electrical currents occurring within or produced by the human body. Bioelectric currents are generated by a number of different biological processes, and are used by cells to conduct impulses along nerve fibers, to regulate tissue and organ functions, and to govern metabolism.

Healing Process*

Essentially, to promote healing, we need to give a signal that will elevate the immune response responsible for the maintenance of homeostasis through the complex interaction of the cellular, humoral, and complement immune system with the central neurological system and other physiological processes.

To rebalance the temporary change of homeostasis due to Biotherapy treatment interference with the metabolism, the immune system kicks in. Biotherapy treatment is just guiding the immune system and is “programming” it. The rest of the process that is actual healing is a “decision” of the immune system following damage or dysfunction of the tissue or reacting to a presence of pathogens.

It sounds a bit complicated, but it really isn’t. I found Biotherapy to be quite effective, though it might take a longer time to heal some diseases. Therefore, if you have health issues that you are worried about, please check with your doctor. For complimentary help, you can check Biotherapy Asia (https://www.biotherapy.asia/).

*Source: Biotherapy Asia Ltd. Co.

Read more at https://www.biotherapy.asia/biotherapy-mechanism


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