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I absolutely love Hong Kong. I moved to Hong Kong in 1995 from Indonesia.   Throughout my 25 years, I've had the wonderful opportunity to get to know the richness of different cultures of Hong Kong. The fact that Hong Kong is a vibrant city home to many different cultures is what makes it unique: a truly precious city. 

I set up this blog with the intention of creating a warm engaging and supportive space for all of us to get to know each other. My wish is for everyone to enjoy the richness of different cultures.

Let's inspire one another.
Let's share our stories, our opinions, our visions, our cultures, and our voices.

The more we know each other... the more we understand one another...the greater the possibilities there are for contributing to our beautiful home.

Because I truly believe that individually we are sitting on a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that collectively we can build on. 

If you know anyone or if you yourself have a story to share or would like to get involved, I would love from you.

Looking forward to hearing your story,
With gratitude,

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